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Thank you for contributing your time and talent to The purpose of this site is to facilitate imaginative, participative Christian prayer and reflection in the Ignatian tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph. is not an official CSSJ site, and nothing on it should be construed as an official position or policy of any congregation of Sisters of St. Joseph. Contributions of writing, artwork and photography are welcomed from Sisters of St. Joseph and Associates.

Please check this page to see the list of available dates for the 2012 Lenten Calendar. You may choose up to seven, though contributing only one reflection is also perfectly fine. When you have chosen your date(s) please email your choices to Baya Clare at ASAP so she can remove them from the list of available dates.

Written reflections should be your own work, 250-700 words. You may choose to write about the scripture of the day, or about a particular word or phrase from scripture that you choose. Or you may write a reflection about any topic that touches on the theme for the season’s prayer, about a book or article that you have read, or an experience that germane.  The theme for the 2012 Lenten Calendar is Disruptive Grace. Submissions for the 2012 Lenten Calendar are due February 15 and should be emailed to Baya Clare at Please do not send articles or reflections that you did not write or that are copyrighted or owned by someone else.

Photos and images should be your own work, and should be sent as jpgs no larger than 400 x 400 pixels. If there are recognizable faces in an image, a form signed by the person depicted should accompany the photo. The form can be sent as a jpg or a pdf, and should contain the person’s signature along with a statement stating that they understand that their likeness will be used on this site.  Please do not send images or photos that you did not create or that are copyrighted or owned by someone else.

Here are some examples of reflections from the 2011 Advent Calendar:  November 29   December 18  , but please use your own style and creativity.

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