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Darkness is My Mother

Darkness is my mother. She comforts me.
Darkness is the mother of all things.
She hovered over the void at the dawn of creation
and within her all things were formed.
She has never been dispelled; never overcome by light.
She accompanies light and welcomes light into her domain.

All lidded creatures find her in the shuttering of an eye;
those who burrow create their home within her;
and she is life-companion to swimmers in the deep.

In light she leaves us sign and symbol of her presence.
Shadow shapes and deepens every being.
Cloud softens and shelters the scorching heat of day.

Creatures carry darkness within them.
Egg and womb encase her liquid being – source of life.
Newly birthed, we grope to find her once again –
blanket, pouch and breast bury us in her comfort.
In sleep she enfolds us and we come to know her as the matrix of our dreams

Divinity delights in her; mystery calls her “mater”.
Angels seek her so we mortal folk can know their presence,
for without her there can be no celestial light.

All color forms within her;
budding flower mixes its palette from her pirment.
Eye that sees the flower thanks darkness for the sight.

Darkness loves her sister light. Easily they share created time.
Each endless night will find its balance in the longest day.
Reverently in the dawn, light embraces her night guardian.
To welcome morning is to say good-bye to moon and evening star.

Darkness asks of me the trust I knew when life began:
to let her quietly contain me,
blanket me within her boundaries,
and waste not one dark moment waiting for the light

Darkness is my mother.
In her own time she will birth me.

Today she holds me in love.

Roseann Giguere CSJ

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