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Advent – Tuesday, Third Week

December 17, 2019

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

O Wisdom of our God Most High,
guiding creation with power and love:
come to teach us the path of knowledge

Scripture for Today

The Gospel of Matthew begins with the genealogy of Jesus – from Abraham to Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father. During this time of waiting, we tend to focus on Mary and her waiting for the birth of the baby she is carrying who is the Son of God.

Joseph seems to have a minor role in the story of Jesus. I don’t believe that is true. Like any father who is waiting for the birth of a child, I’m sure that Joseph felt anxious because of the unknown. Like mothers all over the world, Mary had the comfort of knowing she was carrying a baby and would, one day, deliver this baby to the world. Joseph, could only stand by and offer support. Support which he gaveCamino3 willingly and without complaint. We don’t know much about Joseph and yet, I think we can assume he was a kind man, a man to be trusted, a man of honor. If these words did not describe him, he would not have taken a wife who was already pregnant with a child that was not his. Yet, he did take Mary as his wife and he raised Jesus as his earthly child.

In the book Return to the Fountainhead – Tercentenary Address by Cardinal Gerlier and other Churchmen there is a chapter dedicated to Saint Joseph. The chapter refers to St. Joseph as a hero. Joseph’s heroism, or self-sacrifice, is evident in the Gospel story when the young family fled to Egypt. Joseph trusted the instructions of an angel in order to keep his wife and son safe from King Herod. It was up to Joseph to save his family, to keep them safe. Joseph took his role to heart and protected Mary and Jesus as the years passed.

Not much is known of Joseph after these events. We hear reference to him when Jesus stays at the temple when he was a young teenager, yet, nothing much else is known of the man named Joseph. Joseph fulfilled his role in Jesus life quietly, and stepped into the background when it was Jesus’ time to shine.

Last March 19, I came across a poem written by S. Alice Gustava Smith. It speaks such truth to who Joseph was and his quiet yet very important role in the early life of Jesus.

Saint Joseph and The Word
Saint Joseph was the most silent saint of all.

No one has written down one word of his
for our edification. Not one small
word of his was saved unless it is
the Word that was the sum of all his life,
the precious Word he saved for everyone
that It might speak the cross, and not the knife,
long, long after he was dead and gone
and gathered to his fathers, and never again
could he spirit the Child and the young girl, his mother,
out of the dangerous city. From all men
of all times he was chosen and no other –
not one from among the prophets – but this rarely heard
and wordless man, to save God’s mighty Word.
-Sister Alice Gustava Smith, C.S.J.

Michelle Hueg

Sophia, Wisdom begotten before the world was made, come to our darkness and share with us your light.
Come, Wisdom from on high.
As we search for ways to comfort those who are lonely and afraid, we pray:
Come, Wisdom from on high.
As we seek to be peace and unity in our broken world, we pray:
Come, Wisdom from on high.
As we wait in silence for your word, we pray:
Come, Wisdom from on high.


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  1. Connie permalink
    December 17, 2019 6:23 am

    Thank you for this great reflection on Joseph, Michelle!

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