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Advent – Tuesday, Second Week

December 10, 2019

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Scripture for Today

Camino10I had the opportunity this fall to summit some of Colorado’s tallest mountains with members of Colorado Springs Young Adult Ministry group. Throughout the climbs, my friends and I found it increasingly necessary to lean on each other to push through the most difficult parts of the ascent and reach the summit. In the end, when we finally reached the peak, we stopped and looked out on the beautiful landscape God blessed upon Colorado. Looking around one could see nothing but mountains which were anything but level!

After reflecting on today’s readings and my experiences thus far in Colorado, I realize that the road to God is likely never going to be perfectly flat. There will be mountains, plains, and valleys along our journey. But regardless of whether we are hiking the mountains or strolling along level ground, God is eagerly waiting to embrace us with arms open that will take us to heaven.

Today’s readings also remind us that Advent is a time of preparation, longing, and coming. The Advent season reminds us how God became present on Earth through the birth of Jesus. In his time on Earth, Jesus cried out to God many times. God listened with attentive ears and an open heart to Jesus’ plea. For this reason, when God appears on Earth through Jesus, we should be joyful and give thanks! All our troubles, fears, worries, and doubts shall cease to exist because God always listens to and answers our prayers.

As we live our lives here on Earth, waiting for God to call us home, we are reminded that not only should be waiting for God’s answer to our call, but we need to be ready to answer the cry of others. We should long for those who do not know God to find God, walking side by side with them on this spiritual journey. The way to God was laid through the life and death of Jesus. Therefore, it should be easier than ever to reach God and heaven. And yet for many, the path up the mountain remains difficult to climb. Since we are here on Earth, walking the same paths as our brothers and sisters, should we not let them lean on us for strength when they are weary? For, in the end, we are all sheep of the flock of the Lord who does not want even one of us to go astray.

As you move throughout this advent season, take a moment to ponder these questions: What do you say when you cry out to God? If you cry out to family and friends, what do you say to them? If others cry out to you, how do you respond?

—Michelle Perri

How long the path that leads to you,
Christ, come to meet us, be our way.
Tear down the hills of our pride
that all may find greatness in you.
Fulfill the hopes we ask of you today;
enkindle our hearts with the fire of your love.
On earth we live with you by faith;
in glory may we rejoice with you.


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Some material on this site is adapted from Daily Prayer, Daily Bread, published by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Medaille in 2004, and is used with the permission of the Editor and Project Director, Eleanor Bernstein CSJ.

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