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Advent – Monday, Second Week

December 9, 2019

Monday, December 9, 2019

Scripture for Today

Several years ago I was called to the office of my Congregational leadership team. Their desire was to appoint me as the President of one of our High Schools.  Fear, anxiety, excitement and wonder kept my adrenaline flowing as I discerned what this would mean for me! For someone who felt fairly ordinary and incapable, to be chosen for this position was remarkable.

In today’s Gospel we hear the words of the angel Gabriel informing Mary, a young teenage woman, unknown to most and from a small town, that “the Lord is with her and she has found favor with God….and will bear a son… and he will be great and called Son of the Most High.”  Understandably, Mary is troubled and pondered what this greeting might mean.  It seems an impossible possibility.  In the passage preceding this text, Mary’s cousin Elizabeth, who is older and has been barren for many years, is found to be with child.  Another seemingly impossible situation gifted with favor from God.

Camino28Mary2At times, in our individual lives and in our world situations, we are overwhelmed and many circumstances or situations seem impossible. Providing for your family when a job loss occurs, caring for a sick relative, environmental destruction, poverty and wars may lead to the same feeling of fear and incredulity for hope expressed by Mary.

The message of the angel Gabriel that “nothing is impossible for God”  calls us to see with the eyes of God, hear with the ears of God, and live and love with the heart of God. Believe that the impossible is possible through the transformation of God.

Mary, a young, scared peasant girl becomes the mother of God, the prophet to the prophets. Mary moves from fear to discipleship.  Mary’s story calls us to respond to God’s call and become who God calls us to be. With Mary we say “Behold I am the handmaid of the Lord. Let it be done to me according to your word.”


God of Hope, come! Enter into every human heart that cries out for a glimpse of your love, for a sign of your welcoming presence, for a taste of your happiness.  Be the one who calms the restless and gentles the ache of the human journey.

God of hope, come! Be the Morning Star in our midst, the Light that can never go out, the Beacon of Hope guiding our way to you.  Come into our midst and make of our lives a home, where your everlasting goodness resonates with assuring love and vigorous hope.

(Out of the Ordinary, Joyce Rupp)

–Suzanne Franck CSJ


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