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Advent – Monday, First Week

December 2, 2019

Monday, December 2, 2019

Scripture for Today

As we enter into the first week of Advent, it is important to take time each day to be aware of God in us and in all creation.

Camino21An ordinary day at the College where I work can quickly become a day filled with challenges and heartaches.  As the new semester was drawing near, a student entered my office desiring to register for the Fall semester. For two previous semesters she had registered for classes with great enthusiasm, and each semester she became paralyzed within and would disappear from college. Her father was not known to her, her mother died many years prior from drug abuse, and her grandmother who raised her was diagnosed with cancer. Financial security had eroded and fear of being alone loomed large. Much like the servant in today’s Gospel, Mia was “in great distress”.

So many people in our world today are in great distress.  Hearing the news, in particular this past year, continually informs us of the struggle of people leaving their country due to oppression and poverty, hoping to enter into the United States, our land of freedom.  

Many adults are being deported back to their country and children are separated from their parents. The opioid epidemic, human trafficking, child and elder abuse, environmental devastation, political injustice, racial injustice and global wars have painted a world filled with pain and fear.

In this Advent season, how can we be aware of our sisters and brothers, locally and globally, who are paralyzed and in great distress? Do we believe in God’s healing love and like the centurion, perhaps feeling that we are not worthy, turn to our God in faith and trust, to bring freedom and hope to ourselves and those in need?

For Mia, through people believing in her and advocating for her, she experienced the power and love of God, releasing her from her paralysis and empowering her to return to College. Our God is an awesome God!


Jesus, human like us, reveals to us our true identity:
earthen vessels that hold a treasure, temples of God’s spirit.

Jesus, human like us, reveals God present and active
throughout human history.

Jesus, human like us, reveals God-always-with-us
in our everyday loving.

Jesus, human like us, challenges us
to let his story be our story also.

We share the conviction of Jesus and rejoice to be “church,”
followers of Jesus, people set free and in our freedom
called to share this good news with all people
who seek connection between human experience
and the Unknown Source and Sustainer we call God.

(Praying a New Story, Michael Morwood)

–Suzanne Franck CSJ


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Some material on this site is adapted from Daily Prayer, Daily Bread, published by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Medaille in 2004, and is used with the permission of the Editor and Project Director, Eleanor Bernstein CSJ.

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